Make it easy for your customers to

BUY MORE from you

Customers are more likely to buy accessories if they can


how it’ll look on their vehicle

Add-ons from every department. Delivered at the right time.

You’ll deliver highly relevant upsells related directly to your customer’s vehicle. People are accustomed to buying things with a click of a button. This takes away the pressure from buyers and helps them get even more excited about their purchase. They put their walls down and can sell themselves on accessories, GAP, rust-proofing, warranties and essentially anything else from any other department.

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Accessories available for most makes & models


  • Integrating the Ballyhoo Autoware system into your process is so simple that it doesn’t require training your staff on a new system.
  • Immediate access to relevant OEM and aftermarket accessories and dealership services.


  • Any department can sell accessories without adding to their workload
  • Car-buyers virtually sell themselves by “trying on” accessories before they buy


  • Increase your average revenue per customer
  • Empower customers to shop at home using the Ballyhoo Garage

See how you can increase your average revenue

per customer with Ballyhoo Autoware

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